Hay Acid

Preventing mold & preserving your hay
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A Trusted Preservative For Processing Your High Moisture Forage

At Blue Lake Plastics, we trust HayMax Plus hay acid, a preservative solution made up of propionic acid, is the best mold-inhibiting agent on the market and has proven effective against Aspergillus (which produces aflatoxin and ochratoxin). The hay acid we supply allows you to begin baling sooner, at moisture levels up to 30%. The benefits of HayMax Plus from Blue Lake Plastics are numerous and include:
  • The ability to bale sooner – bale at moisture levels up to 30%
  • Reduced field-curing losses
  • Effective on all types of hay
  • Assists in maintaining hay's green color and natural smell
  • Decreased dust and mold
  • A high percentage of active ingredients – 68% Propionic Acid
  • User-Friendly – safe to use and non-corrosive to your equipment
  • Non-toxic – safe for animal consumption
  • Various amounts available – 2400 lb. Tote or 480 lb. Drum
  • No deposit is required on the totes
  • Transfer pumps are available

Hay Max Plus

HayMax Plus is a buffered propionic acid preservative for processing high moisture hay, corn, grain, silage, haylage and feed blends. HayMax Plus is a solution of propionic acid, ammonium propionate, citric acid, ammonium citrate, surfactants, and colorant. The minimum propionic acid content is 68.0%. In addition, HayMax Plus also contains 2% citric acid. The total concentration of working ingredients is 77.5% - a maximum of only 22.5% water. The pH is controlled at 5.5 to 5.8 with a specific gravity of 1.065-1.075 (8.9#/gl). The Citric Acid has significant benefits when baling high moisture hay. Citric acid imparts a sweeter fragrance to the hay and the hay stays green in color. The hay retains a couple of percent more moisture on drying. Citric Acid allows baling at a higher moisture level than normally recommended - a benefit when weather does not allow drying as low as would be preferred.

Application: Uniform distribution is very important. The hay should be raked into medium-sized, fluffy windrows. A 3-nozzle boom should be attached to the baler pick-up in a manner that the hay is sprayed while still fluffy so that the spray can penetrate the windrow. Fan-type nozzles should be used with a minimum pressure of 20 lbs. per square inch. Floot-type nozzles are not satisfactory.

*Not recommended for use on hay above 30% moisture.

Storage: Store out of direct sunlight.

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