Gluvz ATV/Snowmobile Gauntlets

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Protect your hands in the most extreme conditions.

Gluvz offer next level warmth and protection from the elements when your gloves don’t quite do the trick. By simply attaching to your snowmobile’s handlebars, you’ll always have protection at the ready. We want to make sure that you spend your hard-earned money wisely. Travelling at speed increases the wind chill factor and without protection, your hands would literally freeze to the handlebars.

Unlike handguards, most handlebar gauntlets and mitts require no mounts to be installed. In fact, this is one of the most significant advantages that they have over handguards.

Straps are usually wrapped around the handlebar and secured through a velcro strip, they provide a more durable attachment but they take longer to be tightened.

• Water resistant 1000 Denier outer shell
• Quilted inner lining
• Installs easily
• Sold in pairs