Bale Film

Supplying leading products in wrapped bale protection.

At Blue Lake Plastics we understand that your farming operation relies on nutrient-rich, well-preserved forage which is why we only supply superior protection products for your hay, straw, and silage. Through on-going research and development, the bale film and bale tubes we supply are formulated to provide high strength, tear resistance, easy handling, and optimal preservation levels.

3X Silage Film

3xsilage film
#1 Top Product!

Blue Lake Plastics has been in the plastics distribution business for over 13 years. In that time, we have made great relationships with the top manufacturers in the world. Quality is Blue Lake Plastics’ top priority, we are a leader in a very competitive market and will work hard to earn our customer’s confidence in our products.

1 mil = 20” x 6000’ per roll
1 mil = 30” x 5000’ per roll
1.2 mil = 30” x 4100’ per roll
1.5 mil = 30” x 3250’ per roll
24 rolls per pallet

Heritage 5

Heritage 5 is designed to offer a new film generation, stronger, stickier. It has excellent reliability during  wrapping of silage bales.

This stretch film is suitable for 3D and Combi machines

30” x 5000’ per roll
5-layer blown wrapping film
High resistance film
Suitable for large flow wrappers
High strength with tear & puncture resistance
Very Strong with elastic memory
High adhesion, even stickier
Reinforced impermeability
UV protection of 12 months (class A)

Flavor-Seal Bale Film

Flavor seal 960x
At Blue Lake Plastics we supply and trust Flavor-Seal, a high performance silage film that delivers high feed value efficiently and profitably. Consistent quality and performance throughout each roll makes it a first-choice bale wrap for many farmers. Made form the finest materials available, Flavor-Seal offers many advantages:
  • Consistent Quality
  • Excellent Stretch Ability
  • Superior Cling
  • White Reflective Film Color
  • UV Resistant

1 mil = 30" x 5000' per roll
1.2 mil = 30" x 4100' per roll
1.5 mil = 30" x 3250' per roll
Ultra 5 = 30" x 5000' per roll

Sunflim Silage Wrap

Sunfilm bale wrap

Sunfilm is an excellent product when is comes to everyday wrapping.
30” x 5000’

Sunfilm Gold is a multilayered film that has good tear and
puncture resistance
30” x 5000’


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